Freight drivers competitions
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Nowadays, it is not only important to take goods from point A to point B. The efficiency of drivers' journeys is playing an increasingly important role in assessing the stability, reliability and success of transport companies.

That is why we decided to organize regular driver competitions for our customers for interesting prices. Conversely, competitions can reduce costs and increase the safety of their fleets. All you have to do is register in the program and then register your drivers for the individual competitions.

Driving efficiency tools such as Fleetboard have become key to increasing prosperity and reducing transport companies' costs.

How it works

Registration conditions:

  • You belong under one of Czech Mercedes-Benz Trucks dealerships
  • You use Fleetboard Telematics 

Easy registration:

  1. In the form below, select the dealership to which your transport company belongs
  2. You enter the company ID so we can identify you
  3. We will contact you to complete the registration and connect your drivers
Fleet registration

The system registration

I am

By submitting the form, you will allow your dealer to contact you in order to register for Fleetboard competitions.

To register for the For.Fleetboard system, contact your employer, thank you.

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